New Management Company

Your Homeowners' Association has contracted with a new management company that will be providing a much more comprehensive set of services.  After soliciting proposals and interviewing a number of management companies in and around the area, we have contracted with Elite Management Services.  Please log onto your Homeowner Web Portal using the credentials located in the letter mailed to you and update your contact information as soon as conveniently possible. If for some reason you are unable to log onto the Web Portal please call the Elite Maagement Services Office so they can assist you and update your contact information.



Thursday, April 19, 2018

For Immediate Release

Link to all Road Closings, Openings, Advisories on web site:




Liberty Township

The Butler County Engineer's Office reports that Willow Ridge Drive will close on the west side of Ohio 747 beginning Wednesday, April 25, 2018 for approximately 30 days. This closure is necessary for drainage, curb, and pavement work in conjunction with the Ohio 747 widening project.

Detour: Wynds of Liberty residents will need to enter and exit their subdivision using Princeton or Millikin Roads or via Moselle Drive to Liberty Fairfield Road.

Motorists are encouraged to check the BCEO web site as the best source for possible date and status changes concerning this closure – .


HB 478 - Small Cell Towers

Two and a half years ago, many homeowners, the HOA trustees, along with the Township fought to prevent the installation of small cell towers in our community that has exclusively underground utilities. This protracted battle was covered by local media. We eventually got an agreement from the local utility to back off on these installations and the township passed additional zoning requirements. Now, there is a bill in the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee that will be voted on 4/11/2018. This bill streamlines the utility company's ability to install these towers in our front yards and restricts what local governments can do to stop these installations.  This bill already passed in the House on 2/14/2018 with 79 Yeas, 15 Nays.  Please help contact these representatives and tell them you oppose this legislation. Senate President Mr. Larry Obhof (614) 466-7505 Chair Bill Beagle (614) 466-6247 Vice Chair Rob McColley (614) 466-8150 Governor Kasich (614 466-3555

HB 478

HB 478 Analysis



Assessment Update: Annual Assessments were mailed out in late Dec and were due by Feb 15th, 2018. The assessments were increased last year by $15 to $170. This was to help rebuild our reserves which were depleted by the mailbox / street sign project as well as offset anticipated increases in expenses for 2017/2018.

In 2017, after soliciting proposals from our landscape RFP process, we selected a new vendor for landscape maintenance.

The Association has contracted with a management company to handle assessment invoicing and collection. Liens are being actively filed for homeowners that have been delinquent for 2 years. ​ ​​


Princeton Road Improvement

Princeton Road Improvement project begins in July.  More information 


State Route 747 Widening project

The next phase of the Ohio 747 Widening Project began in February 2018.  More Information


Mailbox/Street Sign Replacement Project

Our Homeowners Association is responsible for maintaining the mailboxes and street signs. Individual homeowners are responsible for any damage. Up until recently, the HOA refurbished and painted the mailboxes on a four year cycle. This maintenance was suspended in 2016 in order to preserve additional funding for our upcoming mailbox/street-sign replacement project. This project is the culmination of several years of planning. One of the fiduciary duties of the Board of Trustees is the accumulation of funds in a reserve fund account. These reserve funds are for long term expenses such as replacement of entry walls, landscaping, mail boxes and street-signs. We had accumulated reserves over a fifteen year period in anticipation of the mailbox/street-sign replacement project. The street sign replacement was completed on October 13th, 2016. The mailbox replacements began on October 20th 2016 and was completed on November 21st, 2016. The new mailbox design is a black all aluminum design which will require much less maintenance. The new design is shown below.